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  • Name: RTW Veteran Center - Soup Kitchen
  • Address: 5536 S King Dr.
  • City: Chicago, IL 60637
  • Phone: 312.972.2582
  • Website:
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  • Description: The RTW Veteran Center has been serving hot meals from 10AM to 6PM to those without for over 3 years, and it hasn’t been an easy task. RTW Veteran Center volunteers pick up food every night to stock up for the next busy day. And With our 2012 rate of service, we provided over 4,000 meals a month. Students from the culinary art school Le Cordon Bleu have recognized the Veteran Center as an important community service in the south side of Chicago and have joined in our efforts by volunteering. These resourceful chefs pull together amazing dishes using bare minimum resources to give the needy a good, wholesome and nutritious meal. While eating, our Center provides entertainment through educational content as our staff members go over options with those looking for jobs, addiction rehab programs, and emergency shelters. By taking care of the immediate things such as food, clothes, and shelter, we are then able to assist in helping people get stabilized. In 2011 we gave out over 15,000 meals to those who visited our center and eat out of our kitchen. These included the youth, teenagers, youth adults, families, adults, and seniors. In 2012 we increased this amount serving over 4,000 meals per month and 2013 are numbers are yet increasing. It is the RTW Veteran Center's goal to provide free balanced health meals three times per day, seven days per week to veterans, their families, and all who are in need. If this is an effort you wish to support whether small or large, please click our donations page.

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