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  • Name: Plymouth Area Community Closet
  • Address: 5 Main St.
  • City: Plymouth, NH 03264
  • Phone: 603.536.1101
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  • Description: The Plymouth Area Community Closet was originally established by Eulalia "Lila" Wescott in 1951 on a cold winter day when a family from Virginia was visiting next door to her family farm in Ashland and was stranded by an early winter storm with a one-month old baby placed in a cardboard box next to the wood stove to keep warm. Lila brought them warm clothes and a neighbor brought in firewood for their stove. Her vision was to help people in need and she went see Rev Deane Hodges to ask if she could have the use of a closet in the Plymouth Congregational Church as she needed a space badly. Along with her companion Lois Reed, she was given access to a basement closet and that is how we began. Because of the compassion of one women and her vision to help others, the Closet engaged other local churches to join together. The Community Closet began by distributing clothing and food to families unable to provide for themselves, people who suffered from devastating fires, people out of work, or other personal tragedies. In 1985 100 Christmas holiday baskets went out to families who would have had no Thanksgiving meal. Today the Community Closet has outgrown the basement closet and is now centrally located at 5 South Main Street in Plymouth serving over a thousand individuals each year. Our projects are funded locally for the purpose of assisting those in financial need by providing emergency funds, food, clothing and support. PACC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which is supported through donations and the proceeds from our Thrift Shop.
Comment from Melody: I made a donation to the Community Closet in Plymouth today. When I was down on my luck they had helped me immensely so I was happy to donate. After I placed my donations in the thrift store I decided to have a look around. While I was at the back of the store I looked over to the front and saw two woman talking. One was one of volunteers. She said out loud, "Sometimes I wish I could tell people to stick their donations up their a$$!!" I was shocked and angered to hear this!! I immediately went to the front and confronted her. She didn't apologize at all and, in fact, acted as if I was being a bother because I was interrupting her conversation with the other lady!! I demanded her name and she responded, very curtly, Liz Eastman. I will be sure to never donate to this cause again!! Very shameful and very disrespectful!!

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