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  • Name: Christ Episcopal Church Outreach Ministries
  • Address: 1904 Greene Street
  • City: Augusta, GA 30914
  • Phone: 706.736.5165
  • Website:
  • Contact Email:
  • Counties Served:
  • Basic Programs:
  • Description: Outreach ministries have been the central focus of Christ Church’s ministry since it was established in 1882. With its location in the Harrisburg neighborhood of Augusta, Christ Church is able to provide direct, on site outreach services to the poor and hungry of Augusta. The signature ministry of Christ Church is the Soup Kitchen, which operates every Saturday. This is an important day to hold the Soup Kitchen as many other social service agencies do not offer assistance on the weekend. Volunteers from around Augusta come to Christ Church every weekend to help feed the hungry. The Soup Kitchen is one of Augusta’s busiest, and served over 10,800 meals in 2011. Many of these meals are served to children and families. The Food Pantry is operated by Christ Church on a monthly basis. We offer food to families and individuals with a valid ID on the third Thursday of every month beginning at 11:00 a.m. A similar ministry is the Clothing Ministry which provides clothing to those unable to purchase it. Clothing and other donated items are distributed at the weekly Soup Kitchen and monthly Food Pantry. Christ Church has also entered into a partnership with physician assistant students at the Georgia Health Sciences University who run a medical screening clinic one Saturday per month at the Soup Kitchen. The students gain important skills in physical examination and interviewing techniques under the supervision of a faculty member while offering screenings for high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases.

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