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St. Mary Outreach Inc.
Morgan City, LA 70380
Details: St. Mary Outreach, Inc. (est. Oct. 25, 1985) is a private, non-profit, and tax-exempt corporation, which is organized on a non-stock basis. Although there are no stockholders, our organization utilizes a corporate structure similar to a for-profit organization. Members elect a board of trustees, which includes a president, vice-president, secretary, and a treasurer. The board also employs an executive director who is responsible for day-to-day Outreach operations, many of which are discussed and evaluated at monthly board meetings alongside financial matters, program activities, goals, and the effectiveness of the programs administered by Outreach. At present, our office staff includes two part-time and two full-time employees, as well as several volunteers for whom we’re very grateful. Finally, we’re proud to mention our volunteer advisory committee, which reviews applications for rent and utility assistance. The Outreach center supports a food and hygiene pantry to accommodate the general and specific needs of our patrons. We aim to provide a well-balanced diet, including special needs, as economically as possible. We also have a clothing room available.