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Food Bank of South Central Mississippi
Brookhaven, MS 39602
Details: This proposal outlines a small and rural community having an abundance of human resources and potential. In recent years planning has started for realistic participation in the gobal efforts of recruiting new industries or encouraging expansion of existing industries. It is to prevent this community from being saddled with a dwindling tax base and ever-increasing demand for govermental services by its citizens, in order to interrup this unproductive cycle, the Brookhaven Outreach Ministries, a trained and aggressive organization with existing programs, so that we can participate in the continuing growth and development of Brookhaven and Lincoln County,has established programs, which consist of a Thrift store, Local Food pantry, fitness Center, Homeless Shelter with 20 beds ,Food Bank serving seven counties, to serve 501-c3 Organization in assisting them in feeding there poor and needy in there community, we have other community programs. This systematization expects to target Lincoln County with innovative techniques to identify and solve problems; planning long and short range goals, harnessing community diversities for common goals, and devising the appropriate strategy for local resources. Moreover, as a result of Outreach Ministries particpation it is expected that the ministry will become an active aid in preparing Brookhaven/Lincoln County for growth in the twenty-first (21st)century.These efforts will inevitably result in enhancing the quality of life for low and moderate income Mississippians.
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church - Food Pantry
Brookhaven, MS 39601ï»
Details: The Pantry addresses basic emergency needs for food. Most of those receiving support are not homeless but are trying to stretch very limited resources.