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  • Name: Damien Ministries Food Bank
  • Address: 2200 Rhode Island Avenue NE
  • City: Washington, DC 20018
  • Phone: 202.526.3020
  • Website: http://www.damienministries.org/
  • Contact Email: carr@damienministries.org
  • Counties Served:
  • Basic Programs:
  • Description: The Damien Ministries Food Bank is an important service for people living with HIV and AIDS. Given the rising costs of medical care and prescription drugs, clients have limited funds available to purchase food and toiletries. Our Food Bank steps in to help so that clients don't have to choose between medicine or food. With a list of nearly 1300 clients, we provide two to four bags of groceries per month to clients in need, with enough food supplements to last up to 14 days. As treatment for HIV/AIDS has expanded and evolved, so has the mission of the food bank since 1987. The mission of the food bank is not just to help extend the life expectancy of our clients, but to improve their quality of life. ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: In order to qualify for food bank services, clients must be HIV-positive and be able to show financial need. Clients are required to provide a letter of referral, usually from a case manager, explaining the financial need, as well as proof of HIV status from either a case manager or medical professional. It is recommended that case managers call in advance and speak with the Food Bank Manager to confirm food bank hours and availability.

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