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  • Name: Community Action Center for Self-Reliance Food Pantry - Greenfield
  • Address: 1 1/2 Osgood Street
  • City: Greenfield, MA 01301
  • Phone: 413.773.5029
  • Website:
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  • Description: Community Action's Center for Self-Reliance Food Pantries exists to forward the universal belief that no one should go to bed hungry. Its storefront pantry not only offers food to families, but also offers information and referrals to other services and programs. The Center for Self-Reliance treats people with dignity and respect, bringing hope to those who are hungry. Each person who visits our pantry is given time to choose from a variety of non-perishable foods and fresh fruits and vegetables as available. Enrolled individuals and families are able to receive food once per month, lessening the potential effects of hunger and poor nutrition. The Center also hosts fresh food and cooking demonstrations and nutrition workshops so that participants can learn new ways to combine healthy and nutritious food on a limited budget. Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 11:00am - 6:00pm. Closed Wednesday & Friday.
Comment from Margie Phillips: Good afternoon, I am just trying to clarify a few things. I am the family support coordinator for the WIC program, also a CA program. Today, one of our participants told me that she tried to get food at the Center, but was told that because she "has a man" who is working, she is not eligible. Because of her situation, I am thinking she misunderstood. They currently are a 2 income household, but within a month or two that will change and they will be a 4 person, 1 income household, with a very high rent and they are unable to move. Would they be eligible for food from the Center, or are they now? They have the rent paid automatically, but this is at the cost of food security. Thank you for any assistance. I have left a phone message with the coordinator.

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