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  • Name: André House - Soupline
  • Address: 213 S. 11th Ave
  • City: Phoenix, AZ 85007
  • Phone: 602.252.9023
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  • Description: In 1984 at the beginning of André House, a small group of people gathered to share coffee, bread, and a bowl of soup. At first the soup was prepared outside on a makeshift table behind a house on Polk House. Each evening volunteers would bring a huge pot of soup to the train tracks in downtown Phoenix and feed as many as possible. A few things have changed in the 25 plus years, yet we remember that tradition as we prepare the Soupline meal at our Hospitality center each evening. At André House we work hard at creating a welcoming and personal atmosphere in the same way we would for a family dinner. The people we serve are truly our guests, our neighbors, and our friends. We have a large main dining room that accommodates ~150 guests and a smaller dining room for families and people with special needs. We start each meal from scratch. Fresh vegetables picked up from the food bank, fresh bread donated from a bakery, and 40 pounds of frozen ground beef serves as the base for most meals. We have experienced volunteers that come in each day to season the sauce and cook the beans. Each day we serve a fresh lettuce salad and many days we have a fresh fruit salad as well. Anywhere from 20-40 volunteers come each day to chop 50 pounds of onions, slice 1200 slices of bread, wash lots of dishes, and stir two 30 gallon pots. Soupline is the service André House is best known for. We serve six days a week (Saturday through Thursday 5:30 – 6:30 pm) to all who are hungry. Approximately 550 to 650 meals are served every night.

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