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American Charities - Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Details: American Charities, Inc. is a Colorado based non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation. We are not affiliated to any religious group or any political organization. It is our mission to assist families in need of food and clothing no questions asked . The funds that we raise are directly put to use in the community to help people in need and to keep our facilities operational. We know that most families have a hard time making ends meet. Even with both parents working, after paying for the rent/mortgage, utilities, car loan(s) and insurance, gas, etc.. we barely have enough money for the day to day necessities. Our kids are growing so fast, it seems we have to buy new shoes and clothes every other month. Our Concept: You donate necessary items (clothing, non-perishable foods, diapers, blankets, etc…) to American Charities, Inc. and we distribute it right back to families in need in the community absolutely FREE.
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
Details: In 1989 Care and Share became a member of the America's Second Harvest National Food Bank Network (now called Feeding America) and began to focus on food distribution. This association also expanded the service area from two counties to the southern 31 counties of Colorado. Joining Feeding America allowed Care and Share access to a wider variety of products, donated by national food distributors and wholesalers. This has become the major source of food for Care and Share. In addition to providing food resources, Feeding America serves as a resource for professional development and networking opportunities, as well as coordinating efforts for product donations and distribution in disaster situations.
Christian House of Prayer Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Details: CHOP is committed to fight hunger by lending a helping hand to ensure that economically disadvantaged people to include, working poor, needy, seniors, disabled, homeless, shut-in, youth, and infants of our community are able to access healthy food and resources. “Generous hands are blessed hands because they give bread to the poor”. - Proverb 22:9. Hours of Operation: CHOP Food Pantry is open from 3:00p.m. - 6:00p.m., every 3rd Friday of the month. We Serve our clients with confidentiality, respect, and efficiency. Keep client forms away from public view. Sign in sheets must be filled out completely. (This is the only requirement, no income verification). Clients are encouraged to come only once for pantry. However, if someone is in need, he or she may receive another distribution of food. Never send a person away hungry. Our clients come from all levels of need, so we serve without judgment.
Eastborough Church of the Nazarene Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Details: We are pleased and privileged to provide food boxes and prayer support to those who are facing challenging times. We seek to provide a ‘hand up’ to assist those in need by offering food to meet immediate needs, but are focused on helping people overcome difficulties in their lives for the long-term. We also provide Thanksgiving food boxes each year for families in our neighborhood that find themselves in difficult circumstances.
Ecumenical Social Ministries Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Details: ESM maintains the largest food pantry in Colorado Springs with the most consistent hours of service. The pantry is stocked with nutritious canned and packaged goods supplied from three primary sources: member churches, Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado, and outright food purchases. In addition, ESM stocks commodities supplied by the Federal Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program.
Fishes & Loaves Emergency Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Details: Motivated by Christ’s Love, the Fishes & Loaves Emergency Food Pantry continues Christ’s work by feeding the unemployed, working poor, the elderly, those physically or emotionally challenged or anyone else in need in Colorado Springs. We strive to foster a caring atmosphere and treat each person with dignity and individual care. We are dedicated to maintaining a continuous growth in services to assist our clients to improve their quality of life. It is our hope that those who receive food will be strengthened in body and soul. We are open Saturdays between 9am and 12 noon.
Good Shepherd United Methodist Church Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80911
Details: For those who truly do not have enough food to last until Food Pantry hours on Thursday, emergency food is available by contacting the church office during regular office hours. In order to receive emergency food supplies, each person must meet eligibility requirements. Emergency food is only available for a given recipient on an occasional basis with a referral provided by The Walt Fortman Center.
Grace Be Unto You Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Details: This service is possible through God's Grace and the generous donations of a local food bank (Care and Share), local supermarket chain's, other agencies and people like “YOU”. We provide fresh vegetables, dairy, bread, can goods, and other necessities of life. Each Wednesday we give out 3000 lbs of food and donated clothing available for families.
Hanover Outreach Community Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80928
Details: Our Stated Mission: Providing Nutrition to a community to better the education and living of our community members great or small. What that Means to Us: Community means more to us than a word. We see our community as more of a family. We work to make sure our family has the tools to grow and succeed in life. This is why we provide nutrition through donated goods and supplies as well as through our affiliation with Care and Share. We offer a kind neighborly face to provide compassion and understanding to those who need it. Together with our donors and volunteers we have provided services to over 200 families last year, and your support helps us continue with our mission.
High Plains Helping Hands
Colorado Springs, CO 80923
Details: At High Plains Helping Hands, we serve a large area from Colorado Springs to the north and east, where there are few agencies to assist with such needs. Food and other resources, as well as prayer and encouragement, are offered to those in need who live in the following zip code areas: 80808, 80828, 80830, 80831, 80832, 80833, 80835, 80864 and 80923.
Holy Cross Lutheran Church - Bread of Life Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Details: The Bread of Life Food Pantry is open Monday and Tuesday from 1-4 pm and Saturday from 9 am – noon for those in 80909, 80915, and 80916 zip codes. (Members do not need to be in those zip codes to use the Food Pantry).
Marian House Soup Kitchen
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Details: Since 1985, the Marian House Soup Kitchen has been serving people who are hungry in downtown Colorado Springs. Hot, nutritious meals are provided for more than 600 people most days. Towards the middle and end of the month, the number of meals served increases to 700+ on most days. Guests include struggling families, seniors on a fixed income, the working poor, veterans, people with disabilities, unsupported teens, and those who are homeless. Only about a third of our guests are homeless. Open 365 of the year, the soup kitchen is operated by a small Catholic Charities staff and approximately 45 dedicated volunteers a day from various organizations, churches, corporations, the military, and individuals. Browse our list of volunteer organizations. Our doors are open Monday through Saturday, 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.; and Sundays, 8:45 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Silver Key Senior Services - Emergency Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Details: Provides food for people over 60 in an emergency and temporary situation. Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Springs First Church of the Nazarene - More Than Food
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
Details: Springs First wants to be a beacon of light in our community. If you are in need of some groceries to get you through a few days, we would like to help with that. Distribution: Fridays 2-4pm on East Side of building (LAC). A household can recieve presorted food bags (put together by volunteers) once a month. Clients will have to sign-in (Reports given to Care & Share) and show proof of residency (Drivers License, Utility Bill, etc.) in the zip codes 80916 and 80910 or give a referral from a Springs First attendee. We will have pre-made bags of food for clients to pick-up after check-in. It will be first-come, first-serve. There will be no access to the storage area by clients or volunteers during distribution. Any extra items from the "Bread Table" and "Produce Table" will be available to all until we run out.
Springs Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Details: The Springs Food Pantry has been serving the southern Colorado and surrounding areas for over eighteen years. We are the only no boundaries pantry in southern Colorado. This means we will serve anyone who comes to our pantry. Our customers range from single moms with children, the elderly, the homeless, to families and people who can’t afford food. We currently serve 150 families a month. The need is very great in Colorado and unfortunately it will only get worse. The winter months are the hardest because the decision will be to pay heating costs or buy food. With the elderly they also have to incur the cost of medicine that continues to rise. We receive many donations from the following companies and places. Care and Share of Southern Colorado, Panera Bread, Borriello Brothers Pizza, along with other churches and pantries provide food and clothing. Fellowship church provides our space and pays utilities. We have to purchase most of the food from Care and Share at a lower cost. These are just a few of the companies who help our mission to feed the hungry. The Springs Food Pantry has a large clientele and it continues to rise. We are in desperate need of food to provide for the hungry and needy. Since we work completely on donations and the employees all work on a volunteer basis, we do not have any means except donations. We would be very grateful if we could acquire help through your organization. It would be a tremendous blessing and greatly appreciated.
Springs Rescue Mission Samaritan's Kitchen
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Details: Every year the Mission's Food Service Department has continued to grow and feed more people throughout the Pikes Peak Region. We have recently surpassed providing over 1,400,000 meals to hungry and homeless families and individuals. As our programs continue to develop so does our effectiveness in caring for an many people as we can. Six days a week, Monday through Saturday at 5 pm, the Mission's Samaritan’s Kitchen opens its doors to feed those who are hungry. A hot meal is provided to the homeless, the working poor, needy families with children, and anyone who needs a meal. In addition, hope-filled Gospel messages are shared by local churches.
TSBC Community Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
Details: The True Spirit Food Pantry is proud to serve all of El Paso County.
Westside First Wesleyan Church Food Pantry
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Details: We have been in operation since November of 2011. Since then, we’ve helped over 2,000 people with food assistance. We strive to serve God and combat hunger by distributing food to the public in a way that displays kindness, dignity, respect and compassion and honors their inherent value as a person. At Westside First Wesleyan Food Pantry, we are led by our mission and guiding principles in all that we do. We value: Safety, Dignity, Faith, Community and Stewardship. These values guide us every day as we reach out to the people we serve. These values are why we choose to use a client choice shopping model. They are why we ensure all foods are handled safely by trained volunteers with clean techniques. They are the reason we keep red tape and paperwork to a minimum. And, above all, they are the reason you will find that we truly care for and value each and every person who enters our facility - customer or volunteer.